Why I Write

Clarita | morgueFile

Once upon a time a little girl fell in love with stories. She dreamed that one day she would travel the world as a journalist, telling the stories that shaped the world.

As she grew in maturity and in her faith, she found herself at odds with the public’s “right to know” versus a person’s right to privacy.  She knew that society needs good journalism to share breaking news and important events. These “voices of the people” keep governments and businesses honest: Watergate. Tobacco. Enron. Some stories need to be told.

But society’s obsession with celebrities and with what is deemed “newsworthy” was enough to turn her career aspirations to something else. Years later, watching the media circus surrounding Princess Diana’s accident, the girl knew that she would have never fit into that world.

So, she began to collect and tell other stories:

  • Growing up, she recorded her life in countless journals.
  • She obtained a degree in English writing. This required hours of reading, endless discussions and, in some cases, blood, sweat, and tears poured out into rhetorical analysis. (She also enjoyed hyperbole).
  • She worked for technology companies, creating brand identity, and translating “geek speak” into useful user documentation.

As career gave way to family, she found that she was still a keeper of stories:

  • Faithfully recording each “first” moment with copious notes and far too many pictures (if there is such a thing)
  • Reminding her kids about their moments.
  • Telling them about life when she was little.
  • Rescuing items from her childhood home that had meaning to her.

Clarita | morgueFileThis blog is a celebration of my stories.